3 Simple, No-Brainer Tricks to Increase the Value of Your Home (Starting with Your Backyard)

Looking to sell your home? There’s an easy way to gain a lot of traction and increase your visibility in the real estate market. The secret? Focus on your outdoor living space. Realtor.com conducted a survey where they found that 51 percent of buyers surveyed said outdoor living space was the most attractive quality in a home, outranking even open floor plans. 

We’ve got 3 simple value-boosting tips to help you transform your house into a home, fast:

  1. Build a privacy fence

According to Century 21, for homeowners looking to sell, the presence of a fence adds to the overall value of your home. And the converse is true. MSN Real Estate reports that not having a fence can cause one of the biggest negative impacts on your resale value. An attractive, durable privacy fence appeals to a large spectrum of buyers for a number of reasons:

-Buyers with children or pets appreciate the privacy and security of an enclosed backyard.

-Lots backing up to commercial properties or streets yield a considerable return on installing a wood fence.

-In greenery-filled areas like North Alabama, a wood fence blends in beautifully with the natural surroundings.

-A nice fence hides unattractive areas, such as a drainage ditch.


2. Install a pergola

Psst… Did you know that Redstone Fencing installs pergolas?

According to the 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, 83 percent of buyers and homeowners love the idea of a pergola. A pergola is a wooden archway with origins dating back to Italy circa 1645. Pergolas hold boundless design potential, and provide a number of practical benefits:

– Shade from the sun

-A barrier against insects with the addition of breathable curtains and fabric doors

-Add string lighting for a festive nighttime look

– Boost your overall outdoor greenery with hanging plants


3. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

Want to get the biggest bang for your buck and boost your curb appeal? According to a study of 2,000 brokers conducted by HomeGain, landscaping is one of the top three investments that bring the biggest return, multiplying your investment by four times. Have a green thumb and want to DIY? Even better! Just focus on trimming overgrown bushes, tidying trees, and clearing greenery that obstructs windows to get quick and easy results. The price of neglect can be burdensome: “Overgrown landscaping is a problem at all price points,” says Seattle broker Reba Haas.


So go ahead and get a jump-start on the house selling process with these easy outdoor property boosting tips and tricks.  Call Redstone Fencing for great fencing solutions and custom property enhancers, like: pergolas, custom pet windows, ornate fence designs, and more.


We custom-build, so just give us your project ideas and we’ll handle the rest!





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