3 Tips for Choosing the Right Fence for Your Swimming Pool

Fall is here, the season for hay rides, pumpkin spice drinks, and cozy plaid blankets. It’s also an important time to think about swimming pool safety. As you make plans to close your swimming pool for the season, it’s the optimal time to take an objective look at your swimming pool fencing solution.


Most places, including Madison County, require you install a fence around your swimming pool. What makes the best fence for a pool? It turns out you have a wide range of options, depending on your objectives. We pulled together 3 tips for choosing the right backyard fence for your swimming pool:

1. Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Not your grandma’s fence, this fence has the beautiful appearance of a traditional wrought iron fence without the maintenance hassle. This is a nice option in terms of ornate design and aesthetics, one that pairs well with your landscaping. An ornamental aluminum fence gives the option to enjoy your backyard, fulfill local laws, and enjoy the natural beauty around you. Don’t want to block your view? This type of fence is especially suitable for homeowners who have pools overlooking another body of water (i.e., a lake or river), a lovely residential neighborhood, or a a quaint natural setting you want to showcase, such as a pasture with horses.


If you’re looking for a beautiful, non-obstructive, extremely low maintenance fencing solution, you can’t go wrong with aluminum.

2. Wood Privacy Fence

A wood fence is your best bet for privacy and beauty. Enjoy an entirely custom-built natural wood fence to add an element of beauty and elegance to your outdoor living space. Plus, you get to choose your own design: From shadowbox to board-on-board to arches, you can have your pick of luxury design, backed by quality and fine workmanship.

3. Residential Steel Fence

Steel is another material that gives the appearance of a wrought-iron fence, without the maintenance.  A steel fence works well for the homeowner who doesn’t want to block beautiful views. When durability, easy maintenance, ornateness, and high visibility are your goals, steel is the solution.


Redstone Fencing installs a wide range of swimming pool fencing solutions. Have a question? We can help! We install wood, aluminum, steel, and chain link fencing.

Don’t see something listed here? Just ask us. We build custom, so we always have an ear out for our customers’ unique preferences, and can work with your vision.

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