7 (Little-Known) Signs of a Sketchy Contractor


When you’re up against a deadline, looking for a reliable Huntsville fence company, it can be downright frustrating trying to figure out who to choose. Who’s reliable? Who will actually show up and finish the job – when they say they will?


We’ve all driven through new neighborhoods with already-warping, aging, collapsing fences. How can you avoid becoming one of those? How do you know which Huntsville fence company to choose?

It’s easy to see the Redstone Fencing difference.

We can help with that.


We’ve gathered a list of surefire ways to tell if you’re talking to a sketchy fencing contractor.  Check for these 7 tell-tale sneaky tricks of the trade:


  1. Bad reviews

You wouldn’t buy anything on Amazon without consulting a jury of your own peers. Treat your property with the same dignity. A fence is an investment in your home, and the wrong choice can land you right back at square one, re-building your fence a few years down the road.

We’re proud of our 5-star reviews!
  1. Using nails instead of screws

It takes a LOT more time to laboriously hit every piece of lumber 6 times with a drill + screws. Think about it – position, level, screw, reload, repeat.

We always use wood screws!

Beware of fencing companies that cut corners with rapid-fire nail guns. This can mean warping for your fence once those nails pop out.


  1. Adding in the cost of screws after the estimate

Received a quote that’s lower than the other guys? It can be tempting to automatically want to go with the cheapest quote. But first, be sure they’re actually showing you the bottom line. Ask if your estimate includes screws in the total.


  1. Excluding tax on the estimate

Another lesser-known secret: Ask if your estimate reflects tax.


  1. Using pre-fabricated panels

Panels blow down whenever a big gust of wind shows up – which happens quite often in Huntsville. Opt for custom, from the ground up.


  1. Using old wood

Some fencing companies store their wood in warehouses, aging your fence years before it ever touches your property.

Our wood comes fresh from the lumber mill.
  1. Sub-contracting

Think about the ramifications of someone else showing up at your house – on your property, around your stuff, around your kids. You want someone who’s invested in, and proud of, their company.

Meet one of our teams. It pays to know who you’re working with.

So before you hire, find out if your fencing company is employing any of these hidden tricks. It’s worth a second look to protect your investment.  


And now for some good news:

Redstone Fencing is a reliable, licensed and insured family + friend owned fencing company in Huntsville. We get a huge sense of satisfaction out of being able to proudly say at the completion of each project, “Every job is a job well done.” We love our customers, and our customers love us. Just check out what they have to say about their fences!


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