How to Create a Dog-Friendly Backyard in 3 Easy Steps

As a nation, we love our pets. In fact, over 36% of households in the U.S. own a dog. And we’re more enamored with our best friends than ever before, going so far as to include them as bonafide members of the family. Research shows that more than half of pet owners actually buy birthday presents for their dog or cat. Now that’s devotion.

This summer, show Fido how much you care by re-designing your backyard space to be dog-friendly. Whether he’s an inside or outside pet, the yard is his place — his habitat, hunting grounds, and explorer’s haunt.

Taking a few extra steps to evaluate your backyard with Fido in mind will help to deter mischief and keep your dog (and you) happy. Fool-proof your backyard to fit your pet’s needs with these simple hacks:


1. Avoid escape attempts

Have an escape artist? – Potential reasons might be separation anxiety, according to the ASPCA, especially if your dog grows anxious each time you prepare to leave. These tips can help:

-Leave a puzzle toy with yummy prizes stuffed inside that take time and effort to access.

-Spend lots of time with your B.F.F.

-Get in play time with other doggies. If you’re not quite ready to bring a new brother or sister home, head out to the dog park for interaction.

-In more extreme cases, try enrolling in a training class or ask your vet for advice. 


2. Stop the digging

Bury chicken wire under the backyard fence or place large rocks along the area she tends to dig. Be sure to dig deeper and get to the root of the issue, which is likely boredom.

Stave off destructive behaviors that stem from boredom with plenty of fun games that are aerobic and mentally stimulating, such as tug-of-war, fetch, and fun outings that expose her to different sights (and smells).

Bonus Tip: For added stimulation for the extra-curious pet, consider having a fence window viewing bubble installed. Let your dog finally see what’s happening on the other side of the backyard fence. 

Image via Pet Peek Fence Window

And guess what? Redstone Fencing can perform doggie fence window installs. Get in touch for more info. 


3. Safety first

Stay a step ahead to be sure your pup isn’t getting in harm’s way in his own backyard:

  • Remove plants that can be harmful when ingested. Do your research before you plant. Beware of: azaleas, lilies, daffodils, and elephant ears.
  • Invest in a backyard fence that will keep your beloved pet safe and secure. A high-quality fence protects your furry friend from outside wild animals, and prevents escapes to dangerous roads or unknown territory. Redstone Fencing custom-builds on your property, and works with you to choose the fence that works best for your whole family.


So before the dog days of summer set in, take some time to transform your yard into a place that’ll delight your pet’s heart, day in and day out.

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